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  • Monitoring
What Is Native Plants Alliance?
We are an affiliation of scientists, designers, suppliers and contractors working together to deliver a cost effective, turn-key solution to the challenges of re-establishing native plant growth in harsh environments.

Why Hire Us?
We deliver consistent, successful results. We grow native plants where others can't. We leave nothing to chance.

How Do We Do It?
We use cutting-edge materials and developing technologies backed by scientific research to ensure sustainable growth and long-term erosion control.

Mountain MeadowWhat Does It Cost?
Less than you'd think. We're very cost-effective, even more so when you consider the high failure rate of traditional approaches. We "do it once, do it right."

Free Consultation
Every site has its own unique challenges. If you have a site that demands the best, call us for a free consultation.

Native plants are dependent on micro-organisms and rich organic soil to survive in harsh environments. If everything isn't there, you need to "grow" it. The tiny filaments of mycorrhizal fungi extending from a plant's roots illustrate this symbiotic relationship, dramatically increasing a plant's ability to collect moisture and nutrients.
Blueprint for Sustainable Growth
Most projects define success as a diverse mix of self-sustaining native grasses and shrubs established within a defined period of time. Unfortunately, over 80% of all sites end up rated "disappointing." They may have growth, but it's often weeds and non-native plants that don't survive beyond the second growing season. By focusing on soil biology and project management, we eliminate any weak links and are able to increase project success radically. From analysis to design, materials to application, our NPA professionals work together to deliver successful sites, time after time.

The "Weak Link" Factor
Success has proven elusive for others because Nature is intolerant of any weak link in the process: lack of knowledge, misguided objectives, sterile soil, inappropriate materials or improper implementation have combined to cause failure in the field. The "low bid" mandate has encouraged corner cutting and a tolerance of failure. Recent advances in soil science have raised client expectations and increased their commitment to tighter specifications to protect project design.

Soil Food Web
Through extensive scientific research and development, we now know many of the reasons for past failures. The leading factor in yielding sustainable native growth is the rebuilding of sterile soil into vibrant organic matter, rich in living microorganisms. Most native plants have a symbiotic interdependence with mycorrhizal fungi, bacteria and other beneficial microorganisms for their survival in harsh conditions. Without these biological processes, native plants are susceptible to drought, nutrient deficiencies, soil salinity and root pathogens.

Our Comprehensive Approach

A project is only as successful as its weakest link. Our scientific research is pioneering new materials and technologies that eliminate some of these weak links. Better project management eliminates the others.

Our Comprehensive ApproachSite and Soil Analysis
Knowledge is priceless, and knowing the critical facts about your site are just the beginning. What are the deficiencies or mineral imbalances? Is the soil sterile or are there toxic elements? We know what to look for and what to do about what we find.

Project Design
We then design a comprehensive plan to address all issues, writing tight specifications to eliminate possible weak links. Seed Species A key factor in seed selection is determining the appropriate early seral stage species Ć the pioneer plants needed to recolonize a site and rebuild the soil for the climax species that will eventually grow there. We research the surrounding plant growth to determine the best seed species and appropriate mix.

Microorganisms & Nutrients
Sustainable plant growth requires healthy soil. At most sites that means literally "growing soil»" by stimulating beneficial microorganisms and supplying proteins to sustain both the native plants and the soil microorganisms. Chemical fertilizers have no place in this process; they actually destroy the native soil ecology and fuel weed growth.

Soil Stabilizers
Scientific advances have brought better performing, environmentally friendly soil binders to the marketplace. We match the site's weather patterns, slope and soil stability to the most appropriate binder.

There are no shortcuts here. Our professionals use the right equipment, run by experienced people, and follow the design specifications exactly.

We spend time consulting with you and visit your site to determine your expectations and set realistic goals. Then we periodically monitor the site through completion and stay with the project until it's rated "successful."


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